I am an estranged Father. I live in India, but my wife and kids live in USA. My wife doesn’t really care about me and wont let me have any kind of access to them. I recently send some birthday cards to the church that she attends, because that is the only way I can communicate with my kids. I really hoped that the pastor would be good enough to give the cards to my kids directly., but he goes “let me speak to your wife before I can give the cards to the children”. It crushed me, because I knew that the cards would never make its way to the kids. I asked them what they wanted for Christmas (2016), but I guess I wont get an answer to that.

I thought the pastor would be bit more proactive…but he just came across as just doing his job,,,No personal commitment. I guess that’s the way the world works now.  I just wish I could talk to my kids.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear of this unfair and heart breaking situation. you are entitled to communicate with your children. I see this happen too often in broken marriages. her pastor sounds horrible. Can you move to america? I am in america. Can I help?

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    1. I came back from US to start a new life here in India. She used to always pick on me for little things early on in the marriage… and I started drinking to comatose myself. Because I was always drunk she always had her way. Back in India I stopped drinking and she was not able to control me any longer. She left and she is using the children to get me back to US. I cant go back, because I will become an alcoholic and end up being a bum living on the streets.. Better being an absent father than living as an irresponsible drunk in front of the kids


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