Nihilist… Me… Maybe…and then some

I have to remember this

Deep down, I love movies about science fiction, super heroes and down right super villains. Because deep down they are all flawed and I can relate to that. yet we try and portray a facade of perfection. We like to have trophy wives, children than we can be proud off and parade around as little drops of perfection, big cars and houses to boot, oh and lets not forget about the people we know….. no not those friends from childhood….Its the ones that matter, the ones that add splendor to our resplendent life.

I see super heroes and super villains in all walks of life, sometimes to their credit but mostly  its not of their own making, but circumstances that dictate beyond their realm of control. In the end we all have/make choices. How we use them to our better judgement and the decisions we make is what defines us…

Nihilism : Total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself…..Isn’t that  what super heroes fight for… Sometimes I wish the world would collapse around me…. Sorry, I don’t mean that for others, but nonetheless it is inevitable. But there is hope… The Phoenix rises out of the ashes.


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