Mel Gibson: Antisemitic, Alcoholic, Wife Beater, misogynist – also my favorite actor

The world loves to make a parade out of people who led an exemplary life… even if it was for a brief moment. In Mel’s defense, it wasn’t  that brief . Granted he got himself mired in a whole slew of unwanted media attention. But lets face the facts, every one of those incidents were influenced by alcohol. People like to say that alcohol brings out the real character or the true feelings hidden in a persons heart. Is there any truth to it?

As a person who used to imbibe liberal amounts of alcohol, I completely disagree with the notion of it bringing out the real character of a person. I have done acts that I cannot fathom or even dream of doing in my wildest dreams. But I did it nevertheless and to this day, I have no recollection of it.

I am not advocating that Mel Gibson is a saint. He did acts under the influence and irrespective of the causal agent, a crime should be met with the punishment based on the grievousness of the act .

I think he has payed the price and its time to remove the stigma associated with his alcoholism just as Robert Downey Junior was vindicated of his substance abuse.

I hope to see more movies from Mel and I hope he continues his stellar performance both as an actor, director & producer


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