Speaking in Tongues

I often find it strange when people speak in tongues. My personal contention is that anyone who is suggestible to hypnotism would be an ideal candidate who could speak in tongues. The bible never suggests that Jesus spoke in tongues (Stevebremmer wrote a great article on this), but Jesus does speak of the outpouring of the spirit in the days to come and the same was witnessed on the day of Pentecost.

Depending upon who your spiritual leader is, you will hear wildly different interpretations on the subject.  But to some extend it’s obvious when people are faking it or start convulsing under the influence of the holy spirit.

Possession by God Puts You In Control, Not Out of Control


For more information on the subject see these excellent resources…. two completely different interpretations yet its very logical and seems to complement each other, although they probably wont agree with each other in principle

mystical Christianity: speaking in tongues by revsherri (I am a bigoted MCP, so I am not always receptive to women who preach, but she makes a good point) & The outpouring of the holy-spirit

I have a grandmother who has been going to a traditional orthodox Jacobite church steeped in tradition all her life, but she has lately been attending a non denominational church. She now speaks in tongues. Having know her all my life, its hard for me to imagine why she would lie about something like that especially  when she is pushing 82 years of age. She explained to me that the first time she felt like an electric bolt rushing through her body. Now a days when she speaks in tongues its something that just comes natural to her, just as we would speak in a different language.

I still hold on to my original contention that a person suggestible to hypnotism might easily receive the gift of tongues. As for me I hate counselors and there is no way that anyone can hypnotize me (unless they give me a liberal fix of my favorite poison) . So probably no tongues either.

If you have the gift of tongues,  I would love to hear about your experience and your thoughts about the subject.

Note: I already know its not a high way to salvation or anything spectacular or special in your relationship to GOD. Its simply a means of communicate to GOD the needs that you may not have recognized yourself and its ideal for personal worship. I hate it when they use it for corporate worship and cause a complete disarray of the worship experience. (Hint : Pentecostal church)





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  1. Very good article. I personally believe that people talking in tongues inside of a church that they are faking it. I have gone up to the alter’s at Pentecostal services and you can hear the B.S. MUMBLINGS of ‘people in the Spirit’ yet they speak no language. By Scripture it is something that is very possible to speak in tongues but, you must have someone there who can translate the language so that you can be understood, otherwise you are suppose to stay quiet.

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