Mr Robot & People Search

I have been trying to get a location of my kids and I was fairly successful with Google, but then I got word that they had moved from their current location. So I waited for a couple of months, hoping that the address information would trickle through the system via public records. But that didn’t happen . So I started using people search companies – the supposedly good ones ( I am not naming them, but you should have a fair idea , if you do a quick search on google) , spend a couple of hundred dollars on different companies.

The result: Zilch, they didn’t have anymore information than what I had gleaned from google. Most of them didn’t even have the current information. When you do a search for a person using any people search location company, they will always show you some vague information and will ask you to cough up more money for details. DON’T be tempted to pay, Most likely they wont have any more information than you know (Exception to the rule: criminal records, violations etc.)

So how does this all tie up with the popular TV drama Mr.Robot? Because the show is a fairly accurate depiction of real hacking. In fact if you use a bit of intuition & imagination,  you can find information on almost anyone using Google.

Mean while I am still trying to connect with my kids…

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