Rash Driving Kerala: The Real Culprits

vehiclesBelow are excerpts from  regional news articles. Read it, but please bear with me…because I have a point to make

From ksrtcblog.com

“The statistics may not be very high when compared to the offences committed by the drivers of private vehicles. But it is high when compared to KSRTC’s own statistics in the previous years,” assistant commissioner (city police control room) P Bijoy said.

the article continues

On Friday Rajani (26) of PTP Nagar died while riding pillion with her father Madhavan Potti when a KSRTC bus knocked them from behind at Statue junction. On Wednesday, a pedestrian, Sharada (61) of Vazhimukku, Balaramapuram died after a speeding KSRTC bus ran over her near the KSRTC bus terminal at Thampanoor. Her 15-month-old grandson, whom she was carrying in her arms, had a miraculous escape after being thrown away in the impact.

This one from timesofindia

“Kerala’s population is around 3.5 crore and the number of registered vehicles is nearly one crore. But it has a smaller road network in comparison to many other states. Out of the 2.75 lakh kilometres of roads in Kerala, nearly 2.5 lakh kilometres are local roads less than five metres wide,” he added. – former transport commissioner Rishi Raj Singh

Another from ndtv

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  Kerala minister Dr MK Muneer was traveling in an SUV when it hit a man riding a scooter. Dr Muneer rushed the victim, a college professor, to the nearest hospital, where he died on Tuesday.

Lets get the facts straight

  • In India people often overtake from the left side
  • People drive rash, simply because everyone else does
  • People have no respect for traffic laws
  • Jaywalking is not just tolerated, its a right
  • Traffic rules don’t apply to bikers and auto rikshas.

I get it, and I am actually pretty tolerant to all of it, but the thing that makes me livid with rage and disappointment is the outright and flagrant violation of traffic rules by government vehicles. Not just the public transport drivers (in reality they are tame compared to the red tag drivers)

Any vehicle in Kerala with the a red license tag or a star drives like they own the roads. Vehicles with “election urgent”  tags drive like they are rushing to a hospital. The vehicles are outfitted with horns that are jarringly loud and specifically meant to intimidate other motorist.

Why does the average judge, commissioner or the magistrate have to drive at breakneck speeds  to get to work. When the government officials  and their drivers are insulated from the legal ramifications of the law, is it any wonder then that the common folk follow suite?

 Let “THEM” follow the letter of the law before they enforce and preach the law to the people.

If you agree with this rant and share the same sentiments, please like the post. Eventually the peoples voice will be heard and made actionable.

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