Palmistry, Horoscopes,Handwriting analysis & Personality Tests

So the first two i.e palmistry and horoscopes are for quack jobs, but then, that is also like trying to prove or disprove the existence  of GOD. Maybe there is something to it.

Handwriting analysis and Personality tests are grounded on scientific research.  The point that I am trying to make is that none of them are conclusive and here Is why I think it is so.

In the former you would probably visit them because of some moral,legal or financial trouble and  you  are most likely to hear the reader say words like … the lines are not clear yet or the stars have not aligned . So much for your reading, loss of money, bad karma, luck or what ever you may call it (lets not forget the bull shit rites that you have to go through… more loss of money, time and  apprehension)

IMHO the latter is also pretty much the same  thing, except we think its more cerebral, intellectual and scientific.  A friend of mine who happens to know (but no expert) some handwriting analysis told me that, what you make out of a handwriting is often predicated by the emotional state of the person being evaluated. For example  some one who is in a hurry, will scribble through while some one who is taking notes could be writing really small ( an expert will ascribe different  character traits to every dot and stroke you make.) but lets just assume an ideal situation where none of these matters, you are still left with   a possible stressed out individual or a happy and gratuitous fella. Each emotion will bring about differences in the way you write.

I think the same holds for personality tests. Your state of mind, emotional well-being, age & experience etc… all play out in the test results. Of all the four I agree that this could be a more predictable indicator in the short run, because your circumstances never remain the same. Your personality test results will change just as in the ebb and flow of life.

By the way there is a personality test that I found to be very interesting and accurate. ( Pray, tell me, when was the last time you thought it wasn’t correct). Check it out  free personality test ( I am in no way affiliated to it, so don’t be cribbing at me 🙂 if it says that you are a rapist, pedophile,  arsonist and murderer)

Happy trails… and a  happy day to you!!!!

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