Divine Retreat Center : Do you believe in miracles?

Before I get to the subject matter, I have to give a nod to the individual (Fr. Mathew Elavunkal V.C) above. He literally knows the entire bible by heart. His exposition, interpretation,  contextual linking of bible verses are unexpectedly reveling. Listening to him was a breath of fresh air. I just had to give credit to the man.

About miracles, there were plenty of people who walked up on stage and claimed some kind of miracle/physical or spiritual healing.  Its hard to imagine so many people (to the tune of 500+) faking the claim to have some kind of divine experience. But I am sure some of them claimed their miracle in advance (by faith) and there must have been a few who came up on stage for their 5 seconds of fame. But It was hard to ignore the truly emotional people who come up on stage and claimed their miracle.

So any way… that was my 5 cents.

Interesting Tidbit:  It takes 13 years of training to become a catholic priest.



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