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My callous heart he softened
My downcast spirit he softened
At his words I marveled
and his mysteries unraveled
When I sought his face
I was caught by his grace
I was clothed in his peace
and a garment of praise
He turned from his wrath
and showed me his path
my maladies and tragedies
He replaced with rhapsodies
My afflictions so peripheral
Heavenly bliss eternal
Heavenly bliss eternal
that our Father has sworn
to his children forlorn

A Poem by Bindhu  Joseph


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carefree, careless, self loathing, forgetful of people, places and names....yet I do care for people or that's what I would like to think... addicted to all things in life ( in a bad way).... That's me in a nutshell. Love me or hate me.... that would be subject to your interpretation of the truth, and what is the truth??? Well, that's a loaded question.... go read the Bible.. if that's your thing

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