Crossed Out : A poem by Bindhu Joseph

Maimed for our offences
He became our defense
Our Savior and Lord
His name we laud
Prostrate we fall
before the king of all
The punishment was gory
that led him to glory
God quenched his fury
and brought forth victory
tis' a great mystery
that made history
Clothed in linens white
bearing his light
with imperishable tents
and devotion intense

we'll worship the king
His praises we'll sing
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About curryNcode

carefree, careless, self loathing, forgetful of people, places and names....yet I do care for people or that's what I would like to think... addicted to all things in life ( in a bad way).... That's me in a nutshell. Love me or hate me.... that would be subject to your interpretation of the truth, and what is the truth??? Well, that's a loaded question.... go read the Bible.. if that's your thing

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