A moment in time


I am alone
but Am I alone?
A chasm seperating my being
of goat heads and a lamb slain

betwixt knowledge and wisdom
betwixt the world and the Word
caught in the intrepid dance
between being teased and wanting to please

my life runs amok
and my blood curdles
because I am so lost
in the indecision to decide

Have at me I pray
for a moment it ceases
but the waves swell
and the lions roar

for I wish to remain
at the feet that’s nailed
For there is more to a  moment of grace & joy
than all that the world has to offer for a million years

Written By: Prashant Thomas

One thought on “A moment in time

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  1. awesome poem! When we make a conscious effort to sit at his feet, we receive saving and sustaining grace that will carry us to the end, no matter what we go thru…..


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