Mercy & Grace and a whole lot o’ Love


This burning desire
Heart affronted by an unquenchable fire
The invitation is alluring
But the moment fraught with fear
And the road to perdition never clear
A convincing plea; forged freedom
Enamored and enraptured by the fiefdom-
Of the beast and its minions
The mist of the morn inflaming my napper
Seductive and enticing for a moment of pleasure
For whom  the bells tolls 
The tempest in my soul rolls
Freedom from the cares of moral certitude
Caught up in a tussle 
My heart awry and tousled.
As I walked down the narcissistic mine field
The selfishness of self immolation, charred my inner child
A flame lit that quenched my desire
Burning through my conscience like a wild fire,
A will-o'-the-wisp that pierced through my moral fiber
I am what I am
but HE who is greater than me is I AM 
what I thought was freedom was a prelude to extinction
HE will rescue me from the fowler
for His Kingdom is potent with power
My soul rejoices
And my spirit awaits to be rejoined
For my granter is full of mercy and grace
His love is perpetual
He will carry me through the shrill o' the night
Away from the road to perdition
to a bliss full walk through the ancient road

Written By : Prashant Thomas

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