Candy Cane & Sweet Nothings

Poem of the day
A new poem every day
when mine eyes closed in infamy
the brood, dissected the privation of my progeny
God warranted me with a daughter
then he supplanted me with a son
I said, You were the crowns for my crown
for God had vindicated me
my detractors quieted and meted away
peace restored and the kingdom come.
You were my all, my Joy and my love
you brought me solace to my soul
 Gay with mirth, my pride was my downfall
for I took you for granted
My joy raided and raped
My crown plundered  and pillaged
the onlookers laughed  with scorn
My pride of lions unmannerly snatched away
With my faith buttressed on GOD
I swore to deny myself 
vengeance, pain and sorrow
my shield , a strong fortress.
My dear children, you will never know 
how much I pined for your existence
You will never know, 
what could have been
for you were snatched away from me,
with the promise of candy canes and cheap nothings.
something, that I would have denied you
except the cane,for those unscripted moments of mischief

Because I care

Written By : Prashant Thomas

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