Hiding the reality of abortion — Blogging Theology

via Hiding the reality of abortion — Blogging Theology

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2 thoughts on “Hiding the reality of abortion — Blogging Theology

  1. I have this girl that i know…and she talked to me a few days ago…and she told me she had an chemical abortion…i’m personally against abortion…but this girl was just 15…and she had some serious family problems…and the “father” was her age…and i kinda understood her…for the first time…i understood an abortion..
    My heart aches…cuz she cried and told me she is sorry and she believes she did a crime…
    God…she’s just 15….
    Am i a sinner for thinking she did a good job? I’m feeling bad that i think this…i feel like a murderer for agreeing…but i just can’t….cuz she’s so young…and giving the situation….
    Would God understand ….He should…

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    • Our GOD is not punitive. He is filled with compassion and love. GOD can and will always take the negative and give it a positive spin. Both you and your friend should contemplate and confess if you are convinced that it was a sinful act. He is not just waiting to forgive, he wants to wrap his arms around you and kiss you on your forehead and tell you that he will always be proud of you.

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