Bible Contradiction? Was Mary (the mother of Jesus) blessed? — The Domain for Truth

Here’s a Bible contradiction that the Skeptic Annotated Bible has stated as not yet having any Christian response so we’re going to respond to it. We begin with the question: “Was Mary (the mother of Jesus) blessed?” Here’s the answer the skeptic gave along with the Scriptures: Yes, according to the angel Gabriel. Now in the sixth month […]

via Bible Contradiction? Was Mary (the mother of Jesus) blessed? — The Domain for Truth

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  1. When I read the title of the post the first Scripture which came to my mind were the very words from Mary herself, “From this day all generations will call me blessed.” To me she kind of said it all right there. Of course as a Catholic I believe this prophecy came true about her in the Rosary. God Bless, SR


    1. I just don’t believe in intercessory prayer…I am not convinced about that because it seems un-biblical. But I believe that Mary is a venerable women and an example to all who believed and loved Jesus


      1. All right think about this. The Angels and the martyrs are praying in heaven, per the Book of Revelations. The martyrs are praying to God that we will avenge them for the way they were killed. It says the Priest of Jesus follow Him in heaven. So heaven is kind of a busy place, isn’t it. People in heaven Thomas are not dead. They are a lot closer to God then we are. I have had a lot of prayers answered by God by asking the Blessed Mother and the Saints to please pray for me. Now why would God answer an unbiblical prayer? Just food for thought. God Bless, SR


      2. Sorry, I grew up in a protestant background and I need everything to be based on scripture (and I can get very argumentative when I am not that I mean I can match scripture for scripture against their explanations… so I have noticed that most priest loose their cool after a while). I am at odds with my family because they are also very traditional and orthodox (Jacobite’s)… so fights on traditions and beliefs are a common occurrence. I want to believe what they believe in , but I cant because they say that everything is not in the bible, but that it is passed on by oral traditions. So not very helpful for me.


  2. Thomas,
    If being “arugmentative” regarding Scripture is placing you at “odds” with those around you most of the time, then why do it? At some place we all have to have respect for the beliefs of others, and let it go!

    It is okay to present our side, but every time someone says something which goes against our beliefs, it does not have to become a “battle ground.” We all have to pick our “battles,” and the others learn to let go. Especially in our families.

    Our families were given to us by God. Battling Scripture with our families would get awfully tiring to me. When I am with my family, I want to eat sandwiches, drink ice tea, eat a piece of pie, and laugh and love. That is what we do! 🙂 God Bless, SR

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