Fear of the Dark


I know a high school kid who is terrible afraid of scary movies, pictures and darkness in general. I have personally seen how terrified he can  get, if someone pops a scary movie poster or image on his face. I though it was unreal and unusual for a teenager to have that kind of fear, but it is real for him. He wrote me a prayer/poem to help him get past his fear.

I know you don’t know him personally, but please spend a moment in time to remember him in your prayer

Dear Jesus in this hour I pray.
Lord I ask that all my terrors you would slay.
You are the almighty, the king of all.
Nothing can prohibit you, big nor small.
Bare and empty I come to you.
Wash me, cleanse me, refresh me anew.
I may cry at night and cry in the day,
but sweet lord Jesus will chase my fears away.
Broken and helpless I chase after your light.
For I know that for your children you shall fight.
You are the king, the savior of man.
Jesus please protect me with your hand.
I long for heaven’s glorious gate.
For, I know this is my blessed fate.
Thank you Jesus for protecting me.
With you I can do all things,
even walk over the sea.
In the name of the father, son, and holy ghost.
You are the one who deserves praise utmost.


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