True confession… I screwed you… but I need your help!!!!

I have a true confession. I say like to a lot of the posts simply because you said you liked my post. Most of the time I don’t even read it.  I just look for a post that I haven’t liked yet and I LIKE it. Personally I think it’s a sham…. but the thing is I just don’t have the time to go through it. I am busy with other things… actually things that don’t even matter.

But this one might just matter… and I really, really need your help… My son wants a long board  for Christmas and I have no idea . There are so many versions of longboard.

He is 10 years old. so I figured this would do, a ” Quest super Cruiser”

Its about $63. Mind you, I am from India and my son is in USA. This is a pretty expensive deal for me. Let me know if this is a good deal, or if there are other recommendations. Please don’t like this post…. tell me what you really think….


6 thoughts on “True confession… I screwed you… but I need your help!!!!

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  1. Oh goodness,
    I will say I enjoy long boarding, but haven’t done it in a couple of few years :/ they can be pricey, so the price you are looking at it is considered cheap in the USA for long boards. Everything depends on brand, tires, the size and extra accessories, lol. Something to keep in mind when shopping for one, it might be a good idea to check websites whom sell them and look at reviews to get an idea of some other people’s opinions of the one you may be looking at. I wish I could offer more help but like I said it has been years since I have had one.



      1. I can totally understand, I will look at the link you sent me once I am up, I am going to bed haha. this is very late and I need my sleep,
        goodnight xxxx



  2. Oh God…i wish i could help you…but i really really have no idea…
    From my point of view…he will like it just because it’s from you…and because he wished for one.
    Hopefully everything will be okay.
    Stay strong.



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