Poxy to Nothing AKA Tiny

This thing that repeats in my head like a buzz, are the constant whispers of my value to society. Most of the time I feel so tiny and miniscule, that I wonder and question everthing about me. Maybe its the opposite; I might be narcissistic, selfish and self absorbed that I cannot be concerned with anyone else but me.

But Its a fact that I have a hard time giving credit to myself or appreciate the things that I can do well. I constantly find that I am self destructive and immolate myself when I am at the cusp of success. I start things, but I can never get it done. I see no self worth and I cannot find any intrinsic value in my “SELF”.

Failure is always just a step away. Maybe one day I will start writing about more interesting things than wallow in self pity

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About curryNcode

carefree, careless, self loathing, forgetful of people, places and names....yet I do care for people or that's what I would like to think... addicted to all things in life ( in a bad way).... That's me in a nutshell. Love me or hate me.... that would be subject to your interpretation of the truth, and what is the truth??? Well, that's a loaded question.... go read the Bible.. if that's your thing

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