A fog of darkness fell across my brow
Silently whittling down my frame
Ego, a carcass of my former self
Savoring the innocence lost to perpetuity.

I look up to the downcast skies
Hoping to catch a ray of sunshine
But all that I received
is the cold decimating rain.

Welcome to the wastelands
No mans land to the reprobate
spurned and shunned by those above
while living in the squalor of self-pity

Purposefully lost, yet-
wandering and wondering
when purpose will be served.
looking forward to twilight’s end.

This pain, when will it end?
When will I be claimed & redeemed?
I have searched the depths
waiting for my transformation.

With empty hands and arms raised above
My heart yearns for redemption
The black hole in my heart
praying to keep heaven awash



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    I loved this post for many ways! The author is Prashant Thomas. Its almost like you can feel what he is feeling as you read his posts. He writs about many things and I love that too. There is a verity of topics to look at Please Check out his blog! (I own noting in this post, the work belongs to Prashant Thomas)

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