Hollow Man

Writing helps me. It overcomes the vacuum that engulf’s my heart by a small degree. But after a period, it comes bouncing back. My dad used to say that people suffer from such maladies because of a lack in prayer life. He may have been right, because I feel so distant from Him. Often times, I find that being distant from people, places and things keeps me detached… I am not sure if that is a good thing, But I find that It’s OK to be detached. To feel the pain of loneliness day by day, helps me to realize that I am still alive. I look forward to the last day of my life, so that I can be finally free. But free from what? If I am to believe in the God of A,I & J that, there is life after death. Perhaps, It’s a life to look forward to, but at the cost of penitence and I am anything but penitent. If I were to believe that this is the only life there is; I would rather snuff it out and go boldly, marching towards blissful ignorance. I wish there was something more to me than this emptiness.
…………….Hollow man; That’s what I am……………

3 thoughts on “Hollow Man

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  1. But life is full of beautiful things God gave us…it’s sad to look at the end of the life as an escape…
    Life is a chance for us to do something great…
    When we are happy He is happy with us…
    I think life is something wonderful and we must enjoy it…even tho it’s hard sometimes…doing our best is enough…and sure is appreciated…
    What do you think?

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  2. I believe we all go through a time in life when we struggle with the bigger picture. What life means and how do we fit into this world. We can be consumed by depression and feel like we are drowning (I have been there).
    God will be there waiting… He would like to help you through the struggles that you are attempting on your own, but He is patient.
    Thank you for sharing.


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