Steganography – The practice of concealing a message in a message. Not so hidden 🙂

Morbid, listless & baseless
Enshrined in the regrets of yesterday
Ever sure, logic and reason must remain faceless
This much is sure, coasting to the edge of gray

Must I deign in this filth,
Ejected from the throne room of grace

Insipid of the salt of life,
Near dark tranquility

Hark the caterwaul of the banshee
Embrace the stillness of the night,
Arms wide open
Vegetating to the vacancy of emptiness
Ensnared by the compulsion of subliminal sleep
Near deaths’ grip.

Steganography : Friedman’s photo
Steganography : Friedman’s photo

The individuals facing the camera were the a’s, and the ones looking away the b’s. The message spelled out was “Knowledge is Power.” Or rather, since they were four people short, “Knowledge is Powe” (a decoded version can be found here).

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