My irksome MIL grrr…


Be warned , what follows is a rant.

So my MIL is from India and she has been in USA for more than 40 years. She, supposedly has a Masters degree in English.   I never liked her, because she has a very strong personality  and when she does not get her way, she goes down the path of guilt tripping people ( as you can imagine she uses most of her ammo on her own daughter – my wife). Just to give you some background, my MIL married an thorough bred american. Her kids (including my wife) were born and raised in USA.

so here goes a typical conversation between the MIL and the daughter

MIL: Honey, can you just turn the stove off; I just putted some water in the stove.
Wife : Sure mom
Me: Mom, there is no word called “Putted”, it’s  ” Put”
MIL : That’s what I said.
Me : Exasperated look 😦

MIL: Honey, can you get some yogret from the fridge.
Wife: Sure Mom.
Me: It’s yogurt!!! not yogret.
MIL: That’s what I said
Me : Exasperated & pissed off 😦 😦

Me: Mom,can I see your Master’s degree?
MIL: I don’t know what happened to it. I must have lost it.

Me: Why do you keep making up words that don’t exist?
Wife : because…….
Me: If you keep using words like this, the kids are going to start repeating those words.
Wife: I know, when we were young, me and my brother had to take special classes in English at school.  😦 😦 :(`

Irksome is a mild word to describe my MIL.   I know this sounds silly and pedantic, but it was the start of a  10 year love hate relationship.

Sorry for ranting… I have always wanted to unload this of my chest.


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  1. My MIL took an immediate dislike to me, telling her son I ruined their family holiday celebrations. In truth she became jealous that her only son was suddenly focused on a female other than herself. Jealous when he wanted to start his own family life and traditions; I think she felt left out of his life. He had long since moved away, perhaps she felt he’d someday come home to her.

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  2. Ha ha — I can say this here and never on my own blog, but my own mother is an exasperating MIL. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, but I can’t get her to see her own foibles. Good luck!

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