Breaking Up


When I saw you step away
I didn’t think it would be permanent
I knew you would want to fly away
but never envisaged your flight to be godsend

Things that we promised each other
The thoughts that we shared
Secrets that were nobodies business,
became the talk of the marketplace

How much, we have fallen
How much have we dismissed each other
The betrayal planned and impenitent
sans guilt or compunction

A word would have been nice
A ta-ta would have been gracious
But you left me with neither
Not even a brief moment with the children

If I had to do it all over again
I would not change a line
my heart will always be yours,
but my conscience will always be mine.

No regrets, no  second thoughts
but for the tantrums & screams
of little feet and fingers
from a distant past.

— Prashant Thomas

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