Vanity is my name
Thy Name is Vanity

Men and women , we think we are;
spinning a facade to please the gentry.
Lives postured to assuage vanity
Born with a penchant for approval.

Boys and girls we really are;
Pouting and whining for attention.
Deceiving ourselves with trinkets and trash,
All in the guise of amour propre

Fighting for love
Loving the fight (is there a difference?)
Emotions unchecked,
We live like we own the day

Porcelain souls & primped up faces
All for a moments whim.
Never realizing,
The moment is lost to eternity.

Our corpses lie wasted,
All said and all done buried with us.
Unsubstantiated & insignificant,
Nothing ordained for posterity

We are in a mad rush all of our lives. We love and hate with passion, but in the grand scale of things, all of it pales to the sands of time. What is the real significance of our actions? Do we even have a faint memory of our 4th-5th great grandfather/ or mother? What was the significance of their lives? Their anger, pain, jealousy, love… all lost to time. So I wonder, what is the significance of the sum of our actions and in-actions? ย Does it even matter?

The bible may hurt you with the truth but it will never comfort you with a lie
The bible may hurt you with the truth but it will never comfort you with a lie

18 thoughts on “Vainglorious

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  1. Your poem hits like a punch in the face. So fabulous. I’m in a study on Ecclesiastes and learning this difficult lesson. (unlike my very silly take on primping I did :} ) Very well written.

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  2. You obviously have something to hand over to people and life. I forgot how well you write. Superior gift. Talent. Keep on. So much to offer. Do it. Thanks.

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