Social Media Vacation

Quit Blogging
Quit Blogging

I have been spending exorbitant amounts of time blogging.  Blog promotion, reading comments, commenting the commentor.. the list goes on and on. It never stops. Suddenly I have come to realize that I am at the cusp of another addiction. So I have decided to quit for a while, get my things in order and come back when I  feel like I don’t have to feel frustrated about my blog stats.

To those on the bandwagon… I wish you happy trails. I will be back in a couple of months. I will still be posting of and on, but I am limiting to at most once a day.  I wont be  doing postaday  (Freakin addictive) anymore.

On Blogging Hiatus
On Blogging Hiatus



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  1. Amazing how we get pulled into addictions. I was feeling this way last few days and I’ve only been blogging since Oct 1. It’s easy to get sucked in! Enjoy freedom.

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  2. We will miss you but have a great break. I totally agree that the post a day is completely addictive and I need to quit that as well….. maybe only use the word if it completely fits with what I usually write. Hopefully touch base with you when you are back. Have a great break.

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