The Beauty Of Uncertainty And The Curse Of Tomorrow. 

​What if we have all the answers to our questions? What if our inner doubts are silenced by all the right answers? What if we have a chance to see tomorrow and the end of it? Or what if we have the chance to know what we become at the end of the day? Tell me, will be enough? Will it be satisfying to know the end of our peregrination and where all our struggles will lead to? Or are we going to end up not wishing we had known? Or hate the fact that we even thought about it? 

To some, we wish we know where it will all end, and at what point the curtain will be drawn and we say, “this is it”. To some, we are scared to know what we will see. Will it be good or terrible? Will it be what we expected or will everything go south? To some, we don’t even what to think about it. I think I pretty much fall into this last category. 

To be sincere, it is a bit crazy not wish to know where all our struggles will end up, where all our striving and choices will lead to. Honestly, when we think about it, we are forced to wonder, if we don’t want to know our end, why then do we struggle? 

The truth remains, we are driven by a wind of uncertainty, whether we seek to know or not, our everyday struggles and strive for a better tomorrow hinges on the fact that no one knows what becomes of the next minute or the minutes after that, so we want to know, but we forced to believe that our choices today will determine if our tomorrow’s will be better. 

But tomorrow is not just the day after today, in fact, tomorrow is just a concept of reality, created by the wind of uncertainty, the movement of the clock hand and a change in sky and weather. Tomorrow is an idea in our head which makes us believe that a day is coming, different from the present, where we get to see the results of our choices and the decisions we make, but one scary truth is that, for some of us, our tomorrow could be yesterday. For some, our tomorrow could be the next minute, for some, our tomorrow may never come, and for some, our tomorrow is forever. The idea remains, our lives are being controlled by a strong hand of the unknown. 

All our lives, we are subject to the idea of planning for the future, making preparations for what we want to be, trying so much to have all the answers together so that we don’t make a mistake and become a failure, that we forget that not knowing what happens next gives us the chance of creating what happens next. We go on to live with the idea that whatever we do now must be something that would determine tomorrow, and forgetting that it is okay to do something for now. We never get to ask ourselves, what if my future is now? 

Don’t get me wrong. This is not me saying that we should give in to the fear of the unknown, or surrender our will to the uncertain nature of our lives, no, not at all, but this is me saying that rather than trying to figure out what the unknown holds, perhaps, we can find a way to  control it. 

Here is what I believe: Man was built to thrive in uncertainties, and the more we hardly know, the better our chances of creating the end. 

Think of it this way, because we don’t know, therefore, we must try, and not just try to know alone, but also try to become what we want to know, because it is on this premises of our uncertainties that we must act now.

Forget about what you want people to see tomorrow, think about what you want them to see now. 

I have two simple rules when it comes to this; Act like tomorrow don’t exist, and plan like there is a tomorrow. This way, if tomorrow never comes, at least I know, I never left anything undone. 

And if you ask me why I live like this, I will ask you, where is the fun in living if you already know where how your tomorrow will end? For some it may work, it may take away the stress of thinking if their hard work and striving will pay off, but for some, knowing the end will only bring more sadness, and the wish that they never knew. 

So, it is okay not to know the all the details of tomorrow, or to know how it will all end, because it gives us, not just the chance to create, but the thrill of the adventure and the excitement of carving out a beautiful future out of nothing. 

But thinking about it, there is actually no right or wrong answer. 

Today’s Tomorrow 

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  1. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.
    Matthew 6:34

    Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

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