In Response to Jonathan Pie’s “President Trump. How and Why?”

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Despite his rather abrasive way of speaking, I think Jonathan Pie makes several important points in his video here.

To address these issues, he breaks them down into 3 parts: Clinton as a terrible candidate, a lack of peaceful communication between the two camps, and the role of the Left in demonising people with a different view.

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14 thoughts on “In Response to Jonathan Pie’s “President Trump. How and Why?”

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  1. Reviewing the debates, I don’t see how Clinton could have been more gracious. Seriously. SHE is demonized because of her husband and the fact that she is a woman. He said everything horrible he could possibly have said under the sun and his supporters point to HER and say she is a terrible candidate? I know he won because the people who are fearful of insurance costs and jobs are worried and frustrated. Look at his record as an employer. Look at how he treats those very same people. They will be eating crow in no time.

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    1. He employs 34,000 people. At the executive level more than 1/2 are women and I hear women executives are paid more than men. They’re paid for results, not sex. This is what I’ve read in a few articles, but I can’t back it up with hard facts. Tell me your facts at how he treats employees and what is his record you speak of? I’m not a Trump supporter, just someone sick of hearing unsubstantiated opinions tossed around.

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      1. That one’s a little shaky because it was recorded seemingly by some hidden device. Who the hell would sneak a secret recorder and then give (more like got paid for it by the Hillary camp) to the press?? I’ve said some things that I hope the hell weren’t recorded.

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    2. People don’t vote for policies and platforms. They vote based on personal charisma and an identifiable message.

      Trump : “Vote for me and I will drain the swamp!”
      Clinton : “Vote for me and get four more years of business as usual!”

      Of course Trump is promising something he can’t deliver, and probably has no intention of delivering. But surely it can’t be too difficult to tell that people wanted anything but four more years of the same thing.

      I won’t deny that sexism was a factor. But to make it all about sexism is incorrect. It’s more complicated than that.

      Hillary was run because it was her turn. She was run because she’s a safe centrist, and the DNC thinks that’s the way to get the swing vote. The Republicans ran a demagogue who was good at telling people what they wanted to hear, and the Democrats ran a policy wonk.

      The results shouldn’t surprise anyone. When the Democrats run a candidate with a clear message and personal appeal, they win : thus Kennedy, Clinton, Obama. When they run a party hack whose “time has come,” they lose : thus Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, and Clinton.

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  2. Sorry, working on a phone…you say you are tired of unsubstantiated claims, but you have made two. Where do you get the info that someone paid the Clinton camp? Judging by your lack of concern re Trump’s numerous statements of bigotry, I take it you are a white male?

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  3. Thanks for reblogging Prashant! I really appreciate it and I’m glad that this has ignited a debate. It’s important to be able to discuss these issues, whether you are a white male or not. As Jonathan Pie points out, we mustn’t shut down other people’s opinions by calling them ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or labelling them a ‘privileged white male’.

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