Conv with an AirBnb guest (Potential) : You decide



Muralidas from Kollam : Hi Prashant. I would like to know that unmarried couples are allowed at your place..??? Kindly reply me back with your valuable suggestion..
Yesterday at 20:21

Me : we have 2 bedrooms… if that’s what u are looking for
Yesterday at 20:49

Me : I don’t need to know about martial status… That’s your business
Yesterday at 20:50

Muralidas : Hi Prashant.. what i asked is did u allow unmarried couple at your place or not and any kind of riky things like police raid or something.. did u required any id proof for age confirmation..?? And we required the room for a day only… mng 10 to eve 4pm…
Yesterday at 21:24

Muralidas : We required air condition room..
Yesterday at 21:25

Me : Since you have made it so obvious, I suggest you find a brothel for yourself and your maiden.
Yesterday at 22:15

People contact me regularly on AirBnb  with these sort of questions.   They must get some sort of perverted pleasure by having such conversations.

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