Does God Exist?

On our total evidence theism is more probable than not.

Some questions carry more weight than others. Such is the case with the question, “Does God exist?” People will often contend that God does exist (theism), or He may exist (agnosticism), or He doesn’t exist (atheism). If it can be shown that He does exist, the latter two options are irrelevant.

Think about it. God can’t exist and not exist, right? He either is or He isn’t. Even the agnostic would concede that God either exists or He doesn’t. The agnostic doesn’t refute that point. Rather the agnostic pleads the fifth when it comes to knowing how to settle the answer to the question of God’s existence. What can we say by means of support for theism?

First, the Bible presupposes God’s existence. It’s as if the Scriptures knew God’s existence would be brought into question. Therefore, from the very first verse of the Bible the rumor is dispelled as it opens with the phrase, “In the beginning, God” (Genesis 1:1).

Second, to deny God’s existence is to deny the obvious. When we fast-forward to the New Testament we learn that God’s not hiding out. No. He’s not playing hide-and-seek. Rather, He has made Himself known. In Romans 1:19-20 we read, “What can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” Paul is stressing that the evidence for God’s existence is clear. It’s as if he’s saying, “No one can play curious in the midst of the obvious.” Creation shouts, “We’re not here by accident!” Even atheists will concede, “Yes, it looks as if the universe is designed, but it’s not.” What are they doing? Rejecting the obvious. Rejecting God’s existence.

Third, it’s foolish to deny God’s existence. So confident is David in the obviousness of God’s existence that he quips, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’ ” (Psalm 14:1). And yet, note the irony. Today, the mantra has been flipped. Ours is a culture that says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is a God.’ ” Well, is there? And if He does exist, are there any hints out there? Indeed. This leads to our final point.

Fourth, to deny God’s existence is to reject the evidence. For starters, the universe had a beginning. And the evidence for such a claim is robust. With Einstein’s universally embraced theory of general relativity and its claim that space, time, and matter all had a starting point, the argument for a beginning is powerfully complementary to scientific theories. Subsequent to Einstein’s discovery, the Hubble Space Telescope enabled us to see that the universe we live in is expanding. If the expansion process could be reversed, the universe would be brought back to a beginning point. Eureka.

So what does all this mean? It means the universe and everything in it had a cause, including you and including me. Something can’t come from nothing, right? But you say, “According to your logic, wouldn’t God need a cause too?” Nope. And that’s because God didn’t begin to exist. He is self-existent. He’s a necessary being, the uncreated Creator of all things. He’s in a league of His own. He is… the great I AM. The self-existent One.

Next, consider the intricate design all around us. So much so that, as I said, even the skeptics concede that the universe looks like someone’s been tinkering with it. Or better yet, has tailored it. Then there’s DNA, a code so information-rich that it’s hard to imagine how such intelligence could surface from non-intelligence.

Finally, consider our innate sense of right and wrong. Where does that come from? As humans, we come into this world with God’s moral code branded on us. According to Scripture, God’s moral law has been inscribed on each of our hearts (Romans 2:14-15). A moral law requires a moral lawgiver, and that giver is God. Sure, some contend that there’s no such thing as wrong. But wrong him and he will be the first to say, “Hey, what’s up with that? That wasn’t right!”

While some maintain that God doesn’t exist, they cannot with integrity claim that to believe in God is a mere fantasy and there is no warrant for such belief. The warrant is everywhere.

Thought to Ponder
Isn’t it ironic that so many people who pride themselves on being mindful believe that the universe is the product of mindlessness?

Memory Verse
The fool says in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

One-Minute Apologist Video: Ken Boa, “Does God Exist?”

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  1. there is another option – God is everything what is. I don’t understand why people have a need to personalize God (as if HeShe was a person). For me God is a source, the energy out of which everything else emerges. “He” is in tree, in water in us… According to Bible we are the children of God, aren’t we? So what should divide us from “Him”? Sins? The dualizm dividing the world into the good ad the bad exists only on the level of human mind… sins are coming from the ego and not from our true nature…

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  2. Christian apologists love the fact that science points to the universe having a beginning even though they will at the same time reject the science that points to that beginning happening billions of years ago and that evolution was a result of that beginning. So even if the universe having a beginning points to a god, science as a whole leaves me highly skeptical of that god being the god of Christianity.

    Also consider this our concept of “you can’t get something from nothing” is based on the laws from our observable universe. If we are talking about a time before our universe began, then all of those laws, physics, ect do not apply, can’t apply, because they are all based on a universe that hasn’t been created yet.

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  3. Let me see if I can say the same thing in a different way. If the universe has a beginning then it requires a prime mover, only God can fill the role, therefore god exists, or so the typical apologist thinking goes. However if we accept the Big Bang as established science (which is where we are getting “the universe has a beginning from”) we also have to accept that the earth is 4.6 billion years old and the universe far older still. It makes no sense to say “yeah the worlds greatest physicists are right about the Big Bang but missed the time scale by billions and billions of years.” One of your videos mentions the expansion rate of the universe. If it was any faster or slower the conditions for life wouldn’t have formed. Well the expansion rate of the universe is one of the methods used to deduce the Big Bang and how long ago it happened 13.7 billion years ago not a few thousand years ago. So, my point is, the very same science you are trying to use to prove that god exists, is the same science that demonstrates that that god could not possibly be the god of the Bible, unless of course you are willing to throw out Genesis, but if you are willing to throw out Genesis why should I have any confidence in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John?

    The second paragraph is purely hypothetical of course, but you use “you can’t get something from nothing” as part of your evidence for why god exists. The problem is “you can’t get something from nothing” is based on the laws of this observable universe. You are trying to apply the law to a plane of existence that doesn’t include our universe. If our universe doesn’t exist “you can’t get something from nothing” may not exist either. On the plane the universe sits on it may be entirely possible to get lots of somethings from nothing. If you are interested there are some fun ted talks on string theory and the multiverse you could watch. It’s just a little disingenuous to use the laws from our observable universe to argue what must have happened before the universe existed because we don’t known if those same laws apply.

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    1. Black, your entire argument can be turned over its head and made to prove that GOD exist. For example, couldn’t the “Big Bang” be spoken into existence if there was an omnipotent power. You also agree that from the plane of existence of the universe that we reside on we cannot fathom or imagine how matter can come out of nothing… can you not immediately see the conundrum that you have just caught yourself in? Cant GOD be outside our plane our plane of existence


      1. Actually Curry there is some interesting science in quantum mechanics about spontaneous particle creation called quantum fluctuations. I don’t pretend to understand it but it would be an instance of, to our thinking, something coming from nothing.

        Yes, an omnipotent God could have spoken the universe into existence, he could have even spoken a 13.7 billion year universe into existence a few thousand years ago, which I think is the point you were trying to make, but didn’t actually get there. But this has its own problems, like is God intentionally trying to trick people then?

        But that doesn’t prove god created the universe, that just keeps him in the running as a possible solution, which as Christianity has designed him to be unfalsifiable is understandable.

        Yes God could be outside our plane of existence, but just because he could be doesn’t mean he is. Maybe it’s god, maybe it’s the multiverse, the multiverse also accounts for the fine tuning argument by the way.

        I should add there are a lot of scientists who dislike the multiverse hypothesis because it is just as unfalsifiable as god is (there is no way to test it) But it is a hypothesis derived from the math of how the universe was formed. It really is quite interesting, even if it has a long way to go


      2. This theory of quantum fluctuations is just another theory that cannot be proved. ( This is just one link.) So basically it does not prove anything.
        I can make a naive statement like why can’t GOD create quantum fluctuations, but let me not go there because that would be like trying to appreciate the beauty of mona lisa by smelling it. Just as I would counter every argument that you would make to disprove the existence of GOD, I would ask “Can you prove the non-existence of GOD”. At the end of the day, this is a question that mankind has been struggling to answer for eons and there is no conclusive answer to draw from anywhere in the near future


      3. Curry, you might want to be careful with the phrase “just a theory” I know that is one way Christians like to disparage the theory of evolution, but “its just a theory” isn’t disparaging in scientific communities. If something is a theory it has been tried and tested and is the best explanation for the available data, yes there is always some tweaking here and there as the theory is refined, but it takes a massive discovery to upturn “just a theory.” Take for instance Einsteins theory of relativity, it was originally published in 1905 it was able to predict several things about our universe that we weren’t able to test until much later (gravitational waves were predicted but not discovered until this past summer, as one example). So the theory of relativity, it is well over 100 years old, it forms the basis for our understanding of the universe, it predicted a number of phenomenon that we only now know about, but you would say it is “just a theory.”

        But Curry you misunderstood why I brought up Quantum Fluctuations. You said that we cannot fathom or imagine how matter can come from nothing. We may not quite understand how matter comes from nothing, but our math tells us this isn’t quite as an infrequent occurrence as we once thought, and we are a lot closer to understanding the “how” of it, then we were not so long ago. We may never be able to prove that God doesn’t exist, and even if we could Christians would just say “he is all powerful, he can do blank.” But I bring up Quantum Fluctuations to point out it is entirely possible in the not so distant future we may be able to prove that God is in no way necessary.

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