The Incomplete Love. 

​“I have been in love, yes, I have tasted of its magical savor. I have eaten of its enchanting fruits, and have been held sway by its mesmerizing bliss. I have danced under the open sky, and have experienced my heart been melted with every touch of a raindrop. I have kissed a thousand times, but did all that on  just one lips, and I have loved in thousand ways, but did all that with just one soul. In all these things, I found, love becomes a blessing when the heart trusts who it loves.” 

These were the words of a much other person I have come  to respect and value in the is short life I have lived. Interestingly  as the words flowed from her lips, like streams of water from a rock, I couldn’t help but notice, in between her words, Love is indeed beautiful, but trust is a different universe of its own. 

Have you ever loved so deeply and so true, that you swore you could step into a building engulfed with flames if ever asked to prove the measure of your love for someone, but somewhere within, you have this reservation that the one you so much love may not do the same? Or have you ever loved so genuinely, but for fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere or not being understood, you restrict your openness and honesty about a certain past or a situation? Sincerely, it is no child’s play to completely trust someone. 

Now the question, Can love exist without trust? 

The answer, most certainly, yes, it can, and quite frankly, it does exist among us these days. 

Don’t be too perplexed at what you get when ask if there is a difference between love and trust, because the answer is a simple yes; for while trust is very much possible without love, love is incomplete without it, though it may exist. 

Now let’s think for a moment. 

Love is a bliss, love is magical. Love is mystical, love is divine. Love is enduring, love is kind. Love is not arrogant, love is not selfish. Love is selfless, love is endless. Love is pure, love is true. Love is enchanting, love is mesmerizing. Love is beautiful, and love is an epitome of perfection, but with all these savory fruits of love, you often wonder why we find it quite difficult to enjoy the total package love has to offer. The truth is, love will always be incomplete without trust. 

See, it is very possible for us to profess our undying love or affection to another, but when push comes to shove, and we are asked to make a sacrifice to prove the statement of our love, we often find it very easy to retreat back into our shells, wishing we hadn’t made an open statement of our affection. Most times, though our hearts and minds be willing to stand by our words, our heads keeps telling us to do otherwise because we become so unsure if our love is worth the sacrifices we are about to make. It is not because we don’t love that person, it is simply because, love, as we see it, is easy, but trust on the other hand has a heavy price, one we are so reluctant to pay. 

This is the simple truth why many, if not most, unions don’t and won’t stand the test of time. It is not because there is no more love, or lack of the sparks of wild passion coursing through our bodies, it is not because there was an error committed, or the lack of communication somewhere in the middle, no, quite frankly, it is because we haven’t being able to trust ourselves not to hurt each other. 

I may claim to love you so deeply and so true, but for the fear of you hurting me, I may decide to place a restriction on the measure of love I display, not because I don’t love you, but because I am trying to protect myself from being hurt. This is the state of our minds today, probably because of a past experience or a lesson taught by other people, but what we fail to understand is that, until we fully trust who we love, we will always struggle to find the meaning of complete happiness. 

Now, the same goes for our relationship with God, our father; for if we say we love him, then we must back it with our trust in him, only then can we truly experience all that he has for us, because God won’t freely give his precious gems to those who don’t fully trust him as Hebrews 11 tells us. 

For where incomplete love stops, trust will go far, and where incomplete love makes a promise, trust will make sacrifice. Where incomplete love sings its song, trust will be its melody, and when incomplete love make plans for the future, trust will bring it to reality. 

Love, like my friend will say, is giving someone the opportunity to hurt you, but trust is believing they won’t. 

And in all honesty, when it comes between love and trust, love is the easier pick among the two, but more accurately, love is never complete without trust. 

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  1. My beloved sister in Christ, you remind me of the time I accepted the Lord, and began writing back in 1971, praising that genuine grace and love which, even now makes my heart sway. Here is one of my first five poems written to God ;

    A Love Who Won’t Let Me Be

    You light the fires within my heart
    Causing tiny embers to become ablaze
    Filling my world with your love’s glow
    While sweeping my mind away

    For each time when I pray to you
    All over again I start to ascend
    For I am touched deeply by your bliss
    That in love I simply begin again

    I start to feel the awesome way I felt
    That memorable day we first did meet
    And like that day You are still the same
    As again, Lord, I am swept off my feet

    And the fires ae always fanned daily
    Which lives inside my soul so deep
    While my heart will still be a willing slave
    To a true love who will never let me be.

    Wendell A. Brown,

    My sister we are part of the same living vine, which nourishes the souls of others. And I am proud to know you and have you as a sister! Keep sharing the heavenly radiance which is alive in your heart and spirit! God bless!

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