What’s Wrong With Pornography?

Pornography takes human sexuality out of its natural context—intimacy between two human beings—and makes it a product to be bought and sold.

A few years back I was talking to an old friend on the phone. At one point during the conversation I was discussing the importance of avoiding pornography. He chimed in and said, “What’s wrong with porn, man? I love porn.” Well, he’s not alone. So do millions of other people. That’s why it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. But what is it about pornography that we should pay serious attention to? And be cautious of?

First, porn objectifies women. Or all people for that matter. The options for porn material are limitless. There’s homosexual porn, child porn, and of course adult female porn. We objectify people when we use them for our own self-centered purposes. That’s what porn does. It uses people. It treats them like objects. It objectifies them! Porn is using an image of a human being made in the image of God to gratify one’s lustful desires. And that’s not good.

Second, porn destroys our brain. Seriously. It causes brain damage. Let me explain. With the advancement of neuroscience we now know that our willpower is a function of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. Consistent use of pornography actually reshapes this critical part of the brain, thus weakening one’s moral fortitude. The will is sapped of strength through continuous porn play. It’s often referred to as hypofrontality. This breakdown of the frontal lobe of the brain especially affects addicts. Their addictive desires heighten while their determination to resist is weakened and buckles under sexual pressure. Next time you find yourself tempted to look at pornography just remind yourself that porn destroys the brain.

That should make us all think twice.

Third, porn causes self-deception. I once heard someone say, “The problem with being deceived is you don’t know that you’re deceived.” How true that is, especially when our behaviors turn addictive. The problem with porn is that the more one uses it the more one can’t stop using it. The motto for the porn addict becomes, “Just once more.” In the moment of desire he or she believes they’ll be able to beat it the next time. So, in self-deceit they fulfill themselves in the moment. But the problem is they tell themselves the exact same thing the next time—and the next time, and the next time—until they really make a decision to quit viewing porn once and for all, or destroy their lives in the name of addiction.

Fourth, porn depraves the soul. Porn sucks the life out of its victims, creating within viewers an insatiable appetite that can never be satisfied and constructing an appetite that grows more deviant in what it views in order to scratch their viewing itch. If you’re addicted to porn let me encourage you to get some help. ASAP. And know this: Christ can set you free (John 8:32; Philippians 4:13).

Thought to Ponder
Porn is like a cosmic vacuum cleaner. If you give yourself to it it’ll suck your life away.

Memory Verse
I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman (Job 31:1).

One-Minute Apologist Video : Bobby Conway, “What’s Wrong With Pornography?”

16 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Pornography?

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  1. While I agree with much of this content it has certain flaws . Lust and desire are part of human nature and we cannot escape them . Like all feelings they can be dangerous and need to be controlled. Normally this control is performed by the conscience which is our moral guidance .
    This conscience may vary according to upbringing, race, time and place and it causes what Freud describes as an inner battle since parts of us want to conform and parts are self-centred.
    It is not coincidence that we are born this way since we need to be fruitful and multiply so we need a simple rule to steady our lives and keep us sane. ‘ Do unto others as you would be done by ‘ or the golden rule is one of the best .

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      1. Sorry I’m often unclear so let me be plain. You attack pornography from a Christian viewpoint which often implies human nature is at fault and needs amendment but it is our nature and cannot be eliminated. In a nut shell you are calling for God – control I am calling for self- control . Now God – control works well for some but fails for many . Self control works for many but fails for some.
        Society in rich western nations does not encourage us to restrain ourselves but rather seeks to turn us into consumers of all types to feed its own greed.

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      2. You missed out a few important words ‘ in my opinion it’s pure garbage’. You are forgetting there are many ensnared in the problems of life with no faith or who have lossed their faith, but that does not place them beyond help nor does it mean only Bible belief will save them. In fact if you insist belief is the only way out for everyone you are denying ALL other help. There is no doubt that faith in yourself and the helper makes a big difference to the outcome but the important thing is the outcome not the method of success.

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      3. I am christian, That’s all I have known… I have read about other religions, esp Hinduism ( From a logical point of view its the most tolerant, peaceful and ancient religion) yet I finally didn’t find it convincing enough. I do not prescribe my world view to anyone, but myself. Having said that, the article is directed towards Christians.

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      4. Thank you for a fair reply ; you obviously have explored some religious belief and Christianity has proved to supply your needs. I am not anti religion but a Universalist believing all men and women deserve equal respect. I think the parable of the good Samaritan sums up my thoughts. It is a perfect gem and shows what being a neighbour really means.

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  2. I think this post could cover a multitude of addictions.

    I had an adult show me a picture on A porn magazine when I was a child, around 7 or 8. I have never been able to erase the picture from my mind.

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  3. I truly enjoyed reading this post. I think you are right in not excusing sinful behavior. Justifying wrong behavior will never make that behavior right. Jesus said to even look upon a woman with lust in your eye is to commit the sin of adultery. I am glad that you are shining His light on an area that people do struggle with. When God talked about desire he was talking to Eve after she and Adam had sinned. The desire was to be for her husband. The marriage bed has been defiled for years by many things unfortunately porn is one of them.
    Stay true to God as your writing proves your heart is pure and right with Him.

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  4. As a single, I set habits of avoiding pornography because I want to find my wife 110% beautiful when we do marry. Pornography saps that, makes you discontent with what God HAS given you. It’s the testimony of married men who have beaten this sin that sexual purity makes their wives far lovelier and more satisfying to them.

    Praise God that our human nature CAN be beaten through the Spirit’s power. Galatians 5:24-25

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  5. Well written! Bringing awareness of this addiction to light causes a lot of various discussions. We can’t look at this nation and not see the evidence that porn is out of control! Child trafficking, child molesting, rape and prostitution is on a quick rise and ignoring the issue will only allow the disease to grow. Thanks for bringing awareness to all of us willing to see the growing concern for our future generations.

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