The banishment 

Everyone should talk about this. Has anyone bothered to ask the innocent children being aborted, what they think about being murdered?


I was a little foetus inside you,

Ready to change your life and make it new.

I was all set to bring warmth and love in our lives

Be a good kid and make you smile.

I was being nurtured by you and dad,

But sometimes your conversations really made me sad.

Often you both questioned my sex,

Thinking about what I am…

Wondering what would happen next.

You brought only bikes and cars for me,

Unaware of the fact that I am a She.

Days passed by and everything seemed alright,

I was healthy and happy and not a day seemed shabby.

I waited with bated breath to call you my Mother,

Yearned to learn new things from my superhero Father.

But then…

What got into you Mother?

Why didn’t you accept me?

Why did you throw me out of your womb?

Days were passing merrily,

And I was…

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carefree, careless, self loathing, forgetful of people, places and names....yet I do care for people or that's what I would like to think... addicted to all things in life ( in a bad way).... That's me in a nutshell. Love me or hate me.... that would be subject to your interpretation of the truth, and what is the truth??? Well, that's a loaded question.... go read the Bible.. if that's your thing

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