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I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today

About  Handfuls of Seed: My name is Mark Evans. I am a student, teacher, director of a summer day camp, husband and father of four. I teach 1st -12th grade, and I do morning care for my school. So I have even learned to relate to four year olds, not an easy task. I write book reviews (Theology, Christianity, Christian Fiction, Ministry, Fiction, Children), devotionals (biblical exposition), and discuss evangelism and relationships (look for my “love people more than truth” category).

Sasha’s Writings
About  Sasha’s Writings: I’m Sasha. I work as a software developer. Blogging, painting, crafting, drawing are my favourite pastimes! I love to work as a teacher in college. My blog is all about inspiration thoughts, poems, and life’s happy mantra’s! I love to motivate and help people with things in personal and professional way.

Queen Of Zoom
About Queen Of Zoom:  I live with 6 humans, 3 dogs, and some fish. My blog is mostly photography; I regularly post Wordless Wednesday and try to participate in Daily Prompts.  I’m originally from Michigan; moved to Maryland in 2002 after almost a year in Ontario. Very much like living here and don’t plan on moving any time soon. I enjoy sharing the rides and photos, enjoy comments from my followers and folks who randomly stumble upon my blog. The fact is that is wasn’t really me. After dealing with some health issues and a brief hospitalization early fall 2012 I made some changes in my life. Focusing a blog on something that is me and a big part of my life was one of those changes.

Carolyn Dennis-Willingham
About Carolyn Dennis-Willingham: I write. I have to. When I don’t, I fitness box, paint, or hang with children and grandchildren. Author of two published books, No Hill for a Stepper and the Last Bordello, and working on my third. I like my cyber friends. I may not be able to bring you chicken soup when you are sick, or wrap a blanket around you when you are cold. But I can touch your words on a computer screen and feel their meaning.


If you would like to featured, please drop your link and a brief description on your blog

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      1. It’s done…I left a comment/site link/email. That was extremely thoughtful of you and thanks for always stopping by my blog. I’m trying to get it up and going and it’s nice that there’s people like you around to help!💖

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  1. FYI: I’ve nominated 10 blogs, out of the many I follow, for the One Lovely Blog Award- and yours is one of them. The details are on my post today, about the award.. 🙂

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