The Heart of G♥D

Heart of GOD

David is credited to be a man after God’s own heart, yet the Bible also goes into great detail describing David’s failures. On one hand you have the giant slayer zealously defending the people of Israel; fast forward a few years and you see an adulterer and a cold blooded killer. lets not forget all the other foibles in his character. So you have to wonder, why does GOD credit David with such honor? On the surface, David is no better than any other man alive, but David knew something about GOD far better than anyone alive before or since him (Save Jesus). David knew the character of GOD. David knew that GOD loved him intimately. So much so that; he knew he could count on GOD’s forgiveness and redemptive love.

Jesus emotes this through the parable of the prodigal son. We can all relate to that story, because the character of the son is rather tame compared to the evil that we have come across in our recent past. How would you feel if Hitler was sitting on the right hand of GOD, while you the good christian had to settle for the gates in heaven. I am sure you would appreciate the frustration of the elder son !!!

Yet Jesus is making it very clear, that God loves man just as a father loves his child. David knew this and he knew that he was assured of the love of GOD if he repented, no matter how ugly his sin was.

David knew GOD to be his father and he knew GOD was approachable no matter how bad his sin was. Psalm 51 is an embodiment of the GOD that David knew. Let us strive to appreciate God for who he is, instead of trying to frame him into our myopic view of love and grace.

He loved us not because we were lovable, but because he was love
C.S. Lewis

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