The Concrete of the Soul

…and his spirit was hardened in pride.
Daniel 5:20

The use of concrete goes back thousands of years. The Romans specialized in cement, which created an architectural revolution. The Colosseum was made of concrete, along with the dome of the Pantheon and the aqueducts that channeled water to the cities of the empire. After the fall of Rome, concrete was forgotten until modern times, but now it’s indispensible in architecture. Visitors still gaze in amazement at Hoover Dam, built from 1931 to 1936, one of the largest concrete structures in the world.

Pride is the concrete of the soul. It hardens us, turning a soft heart to stone. In the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar became self-absorbed in accomplishment and power. His heart was lifted up, and his spirit “was hardened in pride.” The same thing can happen to Christians. The book of Hebrews warns us against the hardening of the heart (Hebrews 4:7).

Love is the salve of the soul. It softens us and makes us tender, and that’s the medicine of Him who knows how to take out our stony hearts and give us a new heart and a new spirit—the spirit of love.

If I had only one sermon to preach, it would be a sermon against Pride.
G. K. Chesterton

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  1. Love it! Pride the concrete of the soul. What a perfect comparison! Of all the things a Christian should avoid, pride is at the top of the list. Trouble is, we don’t kn I will we have it! The Holy Spirit must reveal it to us. Ask Him today if pride is a hindrance to you!

    Thanks for a great post.

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