The Face of GOD


I have seen this image of god several times in my life. The thing is I am not sure if it was god… I really think it was some other entity. He looked very similar to the picture except he had a more Afro textured hair , not a particularly handsome face (very similar to the image above). At first I thought maybe that was how Jesus really looked since the bible says that so  (Isiah 53:2) and it didn’t bother me the least. What bothered me was the entity switched between loving and often times rude. When I told my pastor, he asked me to question the being and ask him if he was the son of the living GOD. That he had to stop bugging me if he wasn’t.

The next time he came to me, I did what my pastor told me; I questioned the spirit and asked it to leave me alone. Since then I have never seen it again.

I know what you are thinking… I must have been crazy or that I must have been hallucinating. The truth is, I could have been doing both (crazy & hallucinating).  What bugs me though is that, once he left, he has never since appeared to me… maybe I programmed my mind to think straight.

I happened to see this image on the net and it quickly brought back old memories. I just wanted to know if anyone else has seen this entity or have had a similar experience.


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  1. Nope I have never seen this image but what I’m sure about is that God reveals himself in the form of a bright light that is so strong you will definitely feel the power of the energy and not everyone experiences it. Hope my answer is informative enough😉

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  2. No, I have never seen this image before; however, upon looking at it, Zoroastrianism comes to mind, specifically the god Ahura Mazda. Don’t ask me why… That’s just what happened to come to my mind.

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  3. I never seen god, felt him maybe, but never seen him. The bible dosen´t really describe god, but he can show himself in many different ways. It might have been one of Satan´s helpers trying to trick you.

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