Bloggers you might ❤ 23/03/2017

I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

“Hint: Please write something interesting”

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today

beerenitynowdoug: Beer blogs are usually boring and just reviews with jargon that sounds ridiculous. Beer blogs can be so much more. That’s my quest and I welcome you to my “not so average” beer blog Beer-enity Now!

Joyfull Mom: My name is Tisha. I love to encourage and inspire people and make an impact in people’s lives around the world. My passion is health and wellness and finding the positive side of circumstances. My blog includes gluten-free support, homeschool, inspiration and encouragement, essential oils, natural wellness, and more. I love helping people and I my mission is to support multiple missions and charities through my fundraising business. I have six beautiful children and I homeschool. I am a mom on a mission! Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 Blessing. I have two blogs, one for my nonfiction and poetry and another for my fiction writings. I separated the blogs because my non fiction site,, is mostly a site of inspiration and hope and my fiction writing, is a bit darker. I didn’t want to scare my friends and family or make them think that I needed an intervention! In the last three years I have experienced the deaths of my mother, my father, my husband, and the man I fell in love with after my husband. I’m still here, still believing, still living, still writing! I write because I must. I share because I want to help others and because I like the attention (at least I’m honest!). If someone finds my blogs on this list and drops by, please let me know you’ve been there with a like or a comment and I will click on and read some of your work as well! Lets support each other in our creativity!

miniontourMy name is Paul. I own a classic style Mini (Mayfair) which we use to travel around the United Kingdom (UK). To date we have travelled to Scotland, Wales and a lot of England. We have had plans in the past to drive to Ireland, that has yet to happen. I include my hobby of Photography in these ‘tours of the UK’ taking pictures of the many beautiful things we see on our journeys. The content on the website is predominantly those photographs with which I include text from Wikipedia and links relating to the visit. I have written my thoughts on the places visited in the past, but not being a writer I tend to leave that to the experts.

PeteI have two blogs that are both Christian in nature. I do my nest to post everyday on both of these, but sometimes that does not happen. And sometimes it’s ore than once a day. I post as the Spirit leads me. The first is my poetry blog. Since 2010, I have been writing poems and songs for the Lord. He gives them to me at all times of day, and I do my best to get the words right. With well over 1,000 written so far, He is still speaking to me almost daily and giving me new material. I know they will bless you. These can be found at I also post poems inspired by the Daily Prompt here. The second blog is currently a walk through the Psalms. I am heading close to Psalm 119 as I write this, and will be doing long chapter that in 8 verse segments. This is not a bible study as much as it is my personal reflections on what the words say to me. I trust the Lord to give me insight from my 35 years in ministry, and often end up challenging myself as much as I do the reader. This can be found at, There are also occasionally some personal stories and reflections thrown in here as well. I would love to have you stop by my blogs!

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