“Thy Sweetness, Lord”

Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

Missionary Amy Carmichael once crossed paths with Bible teacher F. B. Meyer, who told her he frequently had trouble with his temper when he was younger. But a wise man gave Meyer some practical advice. The man suggested that Meyer pray, “Thy sweetness, Lord” when he felt irritated. Dr. Meyer turned the suggestion into a lifelong habit.

Amy Carmichael took the advice to heart and built upon it, saying, “I have found it a certain and a quick way of escape. Take the opposite of your temptation and look up inwardly, naming that opposite: Untruth—Thy truth, Lord; unkindness—Thy kindness, Lord; impatience—Thy patience, Lord; selfishness—Thy unselfishness, Lord; roughness—Thy gentleness, Lord; discourtesy—Thy courtesy, Lord; resentment, inward heat, fuss—Thy sweetness, Lord, Thy calmness, Thy peacefulness.”

Remember, our prayers do not need to be long. Sometimes only a word or two will suffice. Sometimes just a whispered word can change the atmosphere in a room or in a relationship. The next time you’re tempted to react with irritation, try saying, “Your gentleness, Lord”—and see what happens.

I think that no one who tries this very simple plan will ever give it up.
Amy Carmichael

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