I am a huge believer in fate and Karma, one and the same, after 65 years on this planet, Earth, my life I the past 6 weeks has gone from, I must’ve killed 100 Chinamen, to, okay thats great, whats next, and I swear to God, my life has just done a complete flip!

It’s as though everything I touch turns to gold, not really, but life is great, I am living the life!   I couldn’t be happier and I am doing all the things I’ yearned to do for a very long time, like writing, love it ad the more I write, the easier it becomes for me.  I am thrilled for this opportunity from Life Less Ordinary, I think thats right, just read the email, so hoped straight on and here I am, babbling my title head off, life is good, no life is Great!

That yo, I say thank you s very much!


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  1. Nature is amoral and therefore the idea of Karma must be incorrect. A violent storm will indiscriminately kill the good the bad and the indifferent. It will inflict heartache and sorrow on the deserving and the undeserving.


  2. Logically Karma makes sense, as in there is a consequence to the actions that we do. The wages of sin is death…. God can certainly forgive our sins, but we cannot run away from the consequences. Of course GOD could change that too, if that’s what is best or us.

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