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      1. I’m not sure if you just today jumped in and caught where we’re headed- but if you go back about the last 10 to 12 posts there are alot in there about the effort we are makinf to bring awareness to and about my Carey in about a new program and all that I think you’d be a great person to be educated and what he does and be in touch and maybe there’s something you can work out we can work out together to promote this whole thing he does because we really need to get the word out about this again contact me when you get a chance and we’ll talk


      2. As a matter of fact Mary I just became a little bit familiar with what you do and I was just talking to Mike about putting some books together with his materials cuz he’s only one person and he’s getting ready to retire from full-time work so he’s got so much to offer in the form of books so I would like her to contact me it so I can discuss with you the best option for that


    1. Thank you for the compliment. I’ve been learning more for 20 years about how and why we are only country out of to actually in the whole world that permits drugs to be even be advertised and the sad news is it’s because you’re right the kids are there and they do use another country and if it weren’t for people like Mike Carey who’s now partner of ours who absolutely knows what our body needs because it’s a gift he has in his study that would they would be anybody even revealing that so I’m thankful for that but it sure is sad that people are willing to companies at 1 to watch people die just to sell drugs….if you haven’t already I would highly recommend going to a site called


      and read some of Mikes testimonolials over the years.
      .. people had cancer, liver disease , hepatitis then in a matter of a few weeks just gone- mot the symptoms gone but the problem. healing actual disease and it’s just amazing what is on this Earth already -to heal the diseases you have to check it out …

      Mike Carey he’s also partner of ours…
      We just laid out a subscription package so that we can raise funds for a virtual Services anybody in the world and we’re going to do that by letting people subscribe monthly for to this blog and in return for the monthly subscription they get services from Mike ….they’ll be the only ones who can get services for Mike – the only way to get him anymore is to go thru us.. and that’s going to be special because he’s very obviously valuable with a 98% success rate in his history …!!people want him to fix them so I’d encourage you to go visit his website and if you’re not a follower of mine then just click follow on me and then contact me if you want to get more involved because anybody was willing to spread the word of his mission (he actually is avreal lifebmissionary ) by the way but this is his gift and you can contact me at TJ Petri 16 at gmail I’m always looking for partners who can help us spread the word and we were doing with their subscription program so we can raise money to get the virtual Services out so I’d appreciate it and thanks again for the


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