1. People are never perfect. I don’t see why we have to concentrate on all the sins of the catholic priest. I am sure there are much more unreported cases of sexual abuse happening all over the country. Catholic priests are not exempt from sin. So are the rest of us. If you care so much for those children, pray for them and their families and ask GOD that they may recover their stolen childhood


      1. not necessarily… I think we should care about the kids not just because they were abused by priests… What about the pastors, parents, uncles and teachers who abuse them. We seek to assign blame and punishment, but too naive to recognize the root cause…most of these abusers were also abused as kids. Some of them may be exhibiting the Stockholm syndrome. I am not an expert in these things… but I believe true love conquers every thing

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      2. I know you are social worker… and I can see how you feel about this as would me as a father of 2 children… but i was offering a different perspective….but feel free


      3. It really not that – what really stopped me in my tracks is I feel like you are for example- we have caught 45 armed bank robbers who pose a threat and have already hurt…but you say ” why them? Lots of people rob banks why pick on the ones who rib Bank of America? That makes no sense to me at all unless I missed a point somewere..

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      4. You report more about catholic priest abuse more than any others… I thought there was a fixation on them.. I was just saying its not just them, also the way we treat these situations as a community is like taking an aspirin to kill the pain, but not recognizing the fact that you may have had a hemorrhage…

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      5. I’ve had several people ask me about why Catholics? And if it was Lutheran or Methodist or any other it would be no difference to me, the only reason its Catholics is that is the door that opened to crack this whole big ring, it wouldn’t matter to me who it was a teacher, a priest. It doesn’t matter. It just happens to be a Catholic priest that opened this door in my life 20 years ago and is opened it again.

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