HOMOSEXUALITY AND HOMOPHOBIA – tolerance without compromise

The issue of homosexuality and same sex marriage is one that has been at the forefront of discussions, both on personal levels and on the community level, and this is understandable because in our society, never has the issue of same sex marriage been more accepted and practiced than it is being done today, and never has the general acceptance of homosexuality been more radically campaigned for, its activists and practitioners seeming to grow larger in numbers every day.

I believe that the normalization of same sex marriage as a sinless activity is wrong.

Homosexuality is a sin, and I am not even here to preach or argue this with anyone. Let’s refer the argument for when I’m mentally ready for that.

I have something else in mind for today, and that is not going to hover around shouting on the evil of homosexuality, or discussing how we should collectively work to see that the movement for same sex marriage is thwarted (though we should collectively work to see that the movement for same sex marriage is thwarted). I want to talk about the other side of this picture that many people neglect to observe as they allow their ‘holy’ anger towards the issue of homosexuality to overwhelm them, and this is the issue of homophobia .

A cancerous issue so deceptive that it can be fully camouflaged as good, so that the person exhibiting this tendencies doesn’t even for once know how terribly evil it is, doesn’t even realize that it is wrong in its own sole practice, and doesn’t feel the slightest bit of conscience pricking at him, because somehow he has convinced himself about the righteousness of his act, when his act is in reality, even more filthy than the practice of homosexuality (for those who like to compare sins on some invisible scale of bad and worse, looking for which sin is better than the other).

In many parts of the world, particularly here in Nigeria where same sex marriage is illegal by law, it is not hard to find a populace so filled with rage towards the very thought of homosexual relationships that it has often times resorted into violence towards people who are suspected, often times not even confirmed, but just suspected to be gays, lesbians or bisexuals. There is an extremely hostile public resentment towards the very thought of homosexuality, that one of the worst thing to call a guy as an insult is ‘faggot’ and the most difficult thing to do is to openly acknowledge that you’re homosexual, whether as a male or female. You can get killed for it.

People have gotten killed for it, verbally abused and assaulted, and  others have been horribly lynched for it, not by any recognized legal system, but by the society’s jungle justice system, while in some other places, this people actually have the backing of their law, and this approval makes me wonder;

“Does fighting against homosexuality suddenly make hatred and physical abuse the right thing to do? Is there any sin or situation that makes violence an accepted thing to inflict on such defaulting ‘sinner’?”

And it is at moments like this when the pain from hearing about or watching a suspected person being assaulted by the angry populace hits me, that I begin to despise anti-gay laws, and desire for the total legalization of same sex marriage, at least to protect the LGBT community completely by the law, but then I get the check within me, and I see the total picture for what it is.

Note however that when those moments of pain pass, I realize that the best way to tackle this issue of oppression is not by legalizing same sex marriage however.

You see, the devil (I hope you believe in the existence of the devil cos he’s as real as this words on your screen right now are), is who I’d like to call the grandest evil master planner ever. He knows how to make one thing lead to another; he knows how to create an evil counter reaction from an evil reaction, just to expand his big evil scheme. What’s my point exactly?

That the movement for legalizing gay marriage and emancipating homosexuals from their perceived suppression wouldn’t even exist if homophobia didn’t exist in the first place! And homophobia is found greatly amongst the religious society. Maybe we should stop to reflect on the fact that our actions of homophobia might have motivated the growth of homosexuality in the society, with homosexuals finding strength in our rage, to push for their liberation, and this, is not wrong. It’s a human survival instinct.

Whatever happened to hating the sin and loving the sinner? Why is it so hard for us to draw a vivid distinction between the sin and the sinner when it comes to the issue of homosexuality? Who told you that homosexuality is different from heterosexual immorality? Won’t they be judged the same way, according to the dictates of our various religions that believe in the great judgment day? Aren’t they all sin? Maybe it’s our attachment of too much importance on the issue of homosexuality that the devil is playing on, to cause so much distraction by making us get into so much into our feels that we begin to lose the battle by not praying, not being spiritually vigilante, and by allowing hatred to creep into our hearts and contaminate our goodness.

It’s sad to see most times that the only teams one can join when dealing with the issue of homosexuality is either:

Pro-homosexuality/I support homosexuality,


Complete anti-homosexuality/anti-homosexuals/ I don’t support homosexuals or homosexuality, and I hate both homosexuality and homosexuals with passion.

There’s no team in this battle that is preaching tolerance without compromise

No! God doesn’t hate homosexuals! He loves them the same way he loves you, so you better deal with it. You’re not even supposed to be indifferent to homosexuals; you’re supposed to love them.

I know this is probably the most controversial and soon to be most infamous post I’ve ever put up, but that should work just fine by me.

What messages and points exactly is this post trying to pass across?

  1. I believe homosexuality is wrong and is a sin
  2. Many people also believe this too, the same way others believe that it’s not wrong, but that’s okay. There is a beauty in human diversity, and you don’t expect everybody to ever have the same opinion about everything at every time, AS LONG AS THIS DIVERSITY IN BELIEFS ARE NOT HARMFUL TO OTHER MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY
  3. Homophobia is extremely wrong and evil, and it should never be justified, not under any religious or moral banner
  4. Tolerance without compromise is the ultimate key for peaceful co-existence on this issue

So dear homophobic person, next time you see a gay person, before you squeeze your face and throw spittle in disgust, remind your heart that they are not deserving of your hate for any reason, and certainly not because of their sexual orientation.

Next time, consider giving that lesbian lady a hug the way you cheerfully gave others around, and smile to that gay teen too.

If you believe that homosexuality is wrong, be sure to remind yourself of this, but also remind yourself always that you have not been given the right to judge or condemn anybody, not even the gay boy or girl.

Thank you for reading, hope the message was clear?

The song I’m enjoying today is “say something, the cover by pentatonix”. Do have a great day

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