Do not fear….

“Do not fear those that can kill the body, but cannot kill the soul.”  Christ is instructing his disciples in the tenth chapter of the book of Matthew.  The disciples would face persecution for what they believed, taught and preached.  We are fortunate not to live under such a threat.  Christ knew what his first century disciples would face.  Christ would be killed and his disciples targeted.

Do not fear.  Unfortunately, fear is a common thing, oftentimes learned at an early age.  But we were not given a spirit of timidity, doubt and fear.  We were meant to live bold lives of faith with the courage to step out of the shadows when God calls.  Do not fear those that kill the body, but cannot touch the spirit.  Rather, fear him who can destroy both body and soul.

Do not fear those that mock, insult or defame your Christian way of living.  Do not fear those that refer to faith as superstition and the church as irrelevant.  Only fear the one that can destroy both the body and soul.

Pastor Shawn, Seymour UMC

Author of Incomplete

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