Bloggers you might ❤ 06/07/2017

I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

“Hint: Please write something interesting”

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today Hi! My name is McKaia, and I’m a high school senior (about to step into the real world) and use blogging to share with my friends and family what living a life of Faith as a young adult is like. It’s hard to start a blog and have it become popular right away, but I think that for a younger audience a perspective from a teenager on such a deep and passionate topic is unique and diverse. I push to evangelize, inspire, uplift, and show my overall life of goal of having others see Christ in me. I would love a comment, advice, or follow. Follow me on a journey of a life worth living… a life committed to Jesus Christ.

Fountains Of Hope Poetry: Hope makes you wake up every morning. I find my hope in Christ, through this blog  I want to share that hope. May you find hope in Him too, God bless you as you read!

Vatsala Srivastava :My name is Vatsala and I am a college student and human being curious about the purpose of life. I am as lost in this race called life as most of us are. I wish to stand out of the crowd that wants to stand out. I like writing about anything that hits my mind and leaves me thinking for hours. Well I really don’t have a long long description of me and blog. In short, I am just an extraordinary person like every individual on this planet.

Emma Martine : Hi there! My blog is called Musings of a Millennial. I typically write poetry and most of my recent work is related to mental health! I really enjoy your page, kudos!!

nharv89 : Hello! My blog is called Letters From a Dead Man. What I write about it mainly my faith, a daily devotional, and just musings that I have. I will sometimes post and feature poetry. I am trying to create a community of faith and support for every walks of life that need hope. I am looking to aggressively expand into video teachings and music projects and work side by side with other bloggers that want to do the same thing as I do. My calling is disciplining the word and I aim to do that one post at a time!

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