Quick Request From Don’t Label My Kid! Meet Jenny!

Dont Label My KId! Follow & Meet Jenny Clark

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Just two quick announcements from the Don’t Label My Kid! Headquarters..First, our ” Follow” button seemed to have got lost somewhere in our transition to the new theme. So we regret that there was quite some time it was not available. We have recovered it! It is now back on the home page right near the top. If you are not currently following for whatever reason, please open this page above and click on the ” Follow” button. We have had such an excellent response from so many from so many of you and consider you friends. We would like to make it official!



Second you will also find on our homepage above a menu drop down for Jenny Clark. Jenny is the newest team member at Don’t Label My Kid!Her online and hard copy magazine reaches 10k subscribers and is called All 4 UR Addiction Referral Recovery Guide. Jenny has done an outstanding job of putting together resources, some free for those seeking help with addictions. The second thing I am requesting after you hit the follow button, is to check out Jenny’s biography. We are excited to have her on board and hope that if you or your family member is struggling with any addiction you will utilize her online referral resource!

Thanks so much for reading and liking the posts from Don’t Label My Kid!


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