Not Easily Silenced

We ought to obey God rather than men.
Acts 5:29

It’s astounding to observe the lengths to which secularism will go to silence Jesus-followers. Last year, two street preachers in England were convicted of public order offenses after prosecutors claimed parts of the King James Version of the Bible were “abusive and…criminal.” On university campuses, Christian students and professors are berated and bullied. In the world of politics and the media, Christians are accused of bigotry and ignorance. In the entertainment industry, to be a biblical Christian is to be blacklisted. Just ask the Benham brothers, David and Jason, whose television show on HGTV was cancelled because of their biblical views on the sanctity of life and marriage. David Benham said, “This is the first time in our generation and in our parents’ generation that it’s actually going to cost us something to truly live out our biblical faith.”

But, of course, we are not people easily silenced, for we are committed to the example of Simon Peter, who, when told to be quiet, said, “We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

Speak the Word of God with boldness!

We don’t fight for victory, we fight from victory! Jesus has already won the victory at the cross and it’s our lives for Him that are going to transform the culture.
David Benham

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