A Wall of Fire

“For I,” says the LORD, “will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.”
Zechariah 2:5

Marie Monsen, a missionary in Asia during a time of anti-foreign sentiment, once found herself in danger as a hostile crowd surrounded her rickety donkey cart while a drunken soldier berated her. The atmosphere was charged with animosity, and Marie was tempted to panic. “Then I remembered how many times the words ‘Fear not’ occur in the Bible, and the remembrance was enough to set me free from feeling afraid,” she wrote. Praying for safety, she gained enough composure to boldly push on, out of harm’s way and complete her journey.

We never know when we’ll face tension, stress, fear, or danger. The only thing worse than a crisis is facing it without a close relationship with the Lord. When we’re walking with Him in unbroken fellowship, He is a wall of fire around us, a stronghold in a time of trouble.

There’s nothing worse than facing a crisis at the very moment we feel out of the will of God. A guilty conscience is not usually a precursor for asking God for help in a time of need. We need a daily walk with Him, for we never know what’s just ahead on the pathway.

Lord, Thou art “a stronghold in the time of trouble.” I need Thy protection now. Thou art a wall of fire round about me now. I thank Thee, Lord.
Marie Monsen


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