Love is Patient – Poem by Winnie Waruguru


Lust wants the here and now because it burns up and out like a thirsty fire; Love wants theforever and always because it shines on and on like the sure sun. Love is patient.

Lust tells me: hurry up, before anyone knows. Love tells me: wait until everyone knows. Love is patient.

Lust strips my body and soul naked and leaves me out in the cold; Love covers me up and keeps me warm. It awaits the time it will strip me, only to shelter me in its assuredness. Love is patient.

Lust overdraws on an uncertain tomorrow to pay for unnecessary expenses today; Love invests in a sure tomorrow while avoiding unnecessary expenses today. Love is patient.

Lust stages a coup on my heart, threatened; because it knows it is not its rightful ruler; Love waits patiently as a Crown Prince waits for years, confident; because it knows…

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