Ghost : Bible lyrics revisited

I love music and I cant get any work done without music buzzing in my ears.  I usually stream from you-tube ( its uncomplicated and easy). I would like to listen to christian music, but after a while, it gets boring because there is only so much that you-tube has to offer.  As I strayed from christian themed music, I found myself drawn to melodic death metal. I got tired of that too after a while.

Recently I started listening to some feel good music, but pretty soon realized that the band was Ghost and the music was an affront to christian music. They don’t play games, they make it loud and  clear that they worship Satan ( maybe it’s just an act).

Well anyway the point of this post is that I liked this one song (Bible) by ghost  (because I normally don’t pay attention to the lyrics)  and it often turned up in my playlist (thanks to youtube) .

I don’t know why, but I felt a deep compulsion to make a christian version of the song. I am not sure if it is morally wrong to take the music of a satanic song and Christianize it.

I am really hoping that some one would make a christian version of the song.

In case you are wondering  here is the song from Youtube and my lyrics follows (hopefully someone will replace the original lyrics with what ever)

and now for the song

My version of the lyrics to this song. I call it the “Creation” song

The earth was formless, all desolate and vacant
The raging ocean, shrouded in darkness
The spirit of GOD was moving o’er the water
And GOD commanded the first day and night

Then GOD commanded the waters to sunder
The sky was formed with the crust beneath it
An evening passed and the morn came after
Life was still to be born

Then GOD commanded the earth and the seas
GOD was pleased with what he saw
The earth kindled with all kinds of plants
and the third day was born

Now, who will praise this GOD of creation
Sing a song to my king above
On your knees before his grace
and beat the drum, for life is unfurling

Then GOD appointed the sun, moon and stars
them to rule the day and night
Lights ordained to mark the seasons
and the fourth day was born

“Now let the waters be swarming with life
and let the birds soar above”
He blessed them all to grow in number
and the fifth day was born

On the sixth day GOD commanded
let the earth bear all the fauna
Large and small, tame and wild
and so He made them all

Now, who will praise this GOD of creation
Sing a song to my king above
On your knees before his grace
and beat the drum, for life is unfurling

Now human beings, we will make
making them, to be like himself
He created them, male and female
and he blessed them and he was pleased

Now, they will praise this GOD of creation
Sing a song to our king above
On our knees before his grace
and beat the drum, for the life he gave

he gave us his life

For God loved the world in this way: so much that he would give up his Son, The Only One, so that
everyone who trusts in him shall not be lost, but he shall have eternal life.

Interesting side note: The original song is made by a old Swedish band named Imperiet (The Empire, taken from Star Wars actually), they were basically a far-left pro-communists rock band, a side project to the Swedish punk band Ebba Grön. The biblical imagery is more like a metaphor for the rise and fall of humanity. Basically a loose application of Genesis onto human history.

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  1. Hey Curry N Code! Do you have Spotify? If you’re looking for something a little different music-wise there’s a playlist called ‘Indie Worship’ put together by the band Rivers & Robots which has some great (and different) Christian music on it. So if you get a chance, check it out! 😊


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