Bloggers you might ❤ 06/10/17

I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

“Hint: Please write something interesting”

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today

QuintessentialFaith:  My blog is a Faith and Lifestyle blog. I like to find simple ways to do stuff and I am now all about looking for positivity all around. Posts on my blog includes contents about God, DIY (Do It Yourself), Food and drinks, Motivation and inspiration, Fashion and more. My link to my blog is

acrossacres: I have just started blogging and trying to figure it all out. My blog is about our new homestead , renovating our house ourselves while living in our RV on our land.

Kelli  : I am the blogger of The Virtuous Teen. It’s a Christian blog for young adults and teens seeking to know more about God’s love. This is NOT a typical Christian blog. Things about life as a young adult today are discussed throughout the blog. There are even a number of devotionals. You will truly enjoy it! Everyone is welcome whether young or old! Come check it out!

fearlesslyflawedfeminist : I write a blog called Fearlessly Flawed Feminist, a lifestyle blog about being a 20-something in the world today, peppered with some feminism and faith in God. I’m flawed, I’m a feminist, and I’m trying to be fearless about it.

cliffordr2013 : I’m a psychotherapist in private practice who tends to see life, spirituality and faith through the lens of psychology and neuroscience. I enjoy writing about the intersection between Christian life and psychology.
My journey began when shortly after receiving God’s grace I allowed myself to return to performance based worth/perfectionism and allowed that to fester into legalism. After experiencing the unconditional love of God and not really fathoming how unique and amazing it was, I embraced a God of my own making who was routinely disappointed with me and heaped shame upon my failings. My dysfunction and neuroticism found its home in many churches along the way until God slowly began to deliver me and allow me to truly wrestle with him and discover  rest.

Rogue Millennials ( is a blog by a team of young Christians who encourage people to live out their faith in their daily lives instead of just two hours a week on Sunday mornings at a certain building labeled “church.” We love to share stories about people serving God and living into their identity in Christ outside the walls of institutional faith. We also love to challenge people’s concepts of what Church can be, and how churches that feel “stuck in a rut” can pursue reform and get back on track. We especially work hard to give Millennials a voice when it comes to faith issues. They are not the future of the Church. They are it’s present, and we all lose out when we dismiss or ignore them!

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  1. I visited your site and absolutely loved your ideas! More people should do this! And thankyou for this lovely oppurtunity.
    So I am an Indian, 20-something medical student , with ginormous ideas in my head about how we must strive to reach our best potential and life our greatest life. Just simple stories which can teach someone or remind you of few positive things around here. Let’s all empower each other!

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